Staten Island clown mystery solved

Staten Island clown mystery solved

By Julianne Cassidy. CREATED Mar 30, 2014

The creeptastic clown creating havoc around Staten Island, N.Y., was officially revealed as a stunt on New York radio station Z100's Elvis Duran and the Morning Show. No, it's not a real-life "Pennywise," but rather, a stunt cooked up by the film production company Fuzz on the Lens.

"We treated this as a film within itself ... we treated [the clown] as a character and the world was our production," producer Michael Leavy shared with Z100. Leavy and his coworker, Steve Della Salla, brought the mysterious, yet terrifying clown into the studio to surprise Z100's clown-phobic personality Danielle Monaro on her birthday.

Monaro hovered under the console in tears as Leavy further explained that they had candidly filmed reactions to the clown around Staten Island. However, this stunt was not to promote a specific film but rather the production company itself.

Click below to watch the full interview and see what happens when the Staten Island clown (with his staple yellow balloon) visits the Z100 studio. Warning: Monaro curses in fear, but it's censored for on-air listeners.