What Bears fans are saying after the loss to the Eagles


What Bears fans are saying after the loss to the Eagles

CREATED Dec. 23, 2013

Despite a 38-31 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday afternoon, the Green Bay Packers playoff hopes are still very much alive following the Bears loss to the Eagles Sunday night. The Bears knew before the game what was at stake: win, and they would sew up the NFC North division and host a playoff game. The result: a non-competitive 54-11 loss. Unbelievable. The Bears will host the Packers in the regular season finale on 12/29. The winner will advance to the playoffs as a division winner, while the loser will have their season come to an end.  

Below are a series of comments pulled from the Chicago Tribune following Sunday night's game. 

  • Truly pathetic. I am a lifelong Bears fan living in the Philadelphia suburbs so I have to endure the gloating all week. Eagles are mediocre at best, so Bears must now be far below mediocre.
  • This defense is absolutely the worst in the NFL. They haven't gotten anywhere near the quarterback or the ball.
  • First twenty minutes into the game offense only ran ten plays. 
  • All the bears including coaches - should be bound and tied and made to watch the game films - over and over and over again - all day today - place a copy of the films in all their collective xmas bonuses 
  • Bears do NOT deserve a playoff spot ,it's that simple.
  • Does anyone else think that it's time to let Cutler go and keep McCown and spend the extra money on defensive picks? The fans can see it, why can't the Bear's organization? 
  • The Bears gave up 289 yards Rushing and 514 yards total 8.2 yards per play. The Defense has a lot of injuries but, god lord that was the worst defensive display in years!
  • Jay will surely choke against the Packers as he always does. And if Aaron Rodgers plays he will truly wet the bed before faking an injury and leaving the game.
  • Jay Caved. He isn't built for high stake games. It doesn't matter if GB plays with Rodgers or without a QB altogether ,Jay will fail. The sad part that he is our franchise player for the years to come....
  • The entire NFC North should have to give up their playoff spot this year. They all stink.
  • Terrible. Out Coached, Out Played , Didn't show up. And with a chance to win the Division.
  • Here's a word of advice for the D: Ignore everything Mel says this week because that clueless dolt has just been exposed before America as the dumbest man in the league.
  • Trestman afterward said he "didnt make a Point" of telling the team about the lions and Packers losses. I don't understand That. I know Pete Carroll and John Fox would.
  • Worst beating I can remember , out coached , out played and NO HEART ! 
  • f I ever had to see the Bear lose, it would be playing hard Bears defense and losing like 3-0. Not this, anything like this. Philly ran the ball at will. I was physically ill.
  • For years this defense has never been able to stop teams. We take the ball away but could never stop anybody. Finally its being exposed when we aren't getting takeaways the defense is atrocious.
  • Playoffs are you kidding.