What Lions fans are saying after the loss...to the Ravens


What Lions fans are saying after the loss...to the Ravens

CREATED Dec 17, 2013

The Green Bay Packers path to the playoffs became less complicated following the Detroit Lions 18-16 loss to the Baltimore Ravens Monday night. Ravens kicker Justin Tucker connected on a 61 yard field goal with :38 seconds remaining to give the Ravens a rare road win.

The Lions entered Monday night's game in first place in the NFC North and in control of their playoff destiny. They woke up Tuesday morning in third place in the division and in need of help to get into the playoffs. Detroit, the healthiest team in the division, has lost four of their last five games, and patience has worn thin in the Motor City. Below are a handful of comments pulled from the Detroit Free Press following the Lions latest setback. 

  • Until Ford sells the team to someone who wants to win and not just make money, this won't change. STOP SUPPORTING THEM! STOP GOING TO GAMES! STOP BUYING LIONS MERCHANDISE! JUST STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
  • I wouldnt trust that either the Bears or Packer are going to win two.....but really, Lions should be ashamed of not taking advantage of all thats been handed to them this year....
  • Schwartz has more than earned a one-way ticket out of town this season. And he's lucky that the fans don't tar and feather him!
  • Bears and packers lose this coming wk, the lions ? flip a coin. No advantage in a outside stadium for the pack or bears all (philly, pitt) use to playing in the elements, last wk could be interesting green bay vs Chicago
  • Schwartz is now 29-49 regular season. Need we say more?
  • This coming Sunday; if Green Bay loses to a proud Steelers team, and the Eagles manage to beat the Bears at home, AND the Lions finally win a game they're supposed to against the hapless Giants, then we get to go through this ALL over again in week 17!
  • Schwartz should be fired. All the talent on the team is wasted. No discipline, no positive emotion, nothing. Fire him now. Maybe Wayne Fontes is available.
  • What's crazy is the Lions could go 5-1 within their division and not win it! That's just poor coaching and not emphasizing the importance of the other 10 games.
  • Prognosticators with a 7th grade comprehension level could see that Coach Schwartz does not have the goods. He turned a silver platter division title into another collapse.
  • What a waste it will be not taking advantage of winning within the division. Same ole Lions!
  • lions are still favored, imho, to win the division. slim favorites, but favorites none the less.
  • If you cant win games down the stretch to make the playoffs or win the division as they easily could have, you can't make a superbowl 
  • If it was almost any other franchise he'd be fired by now...SO FIRE HIM NOW! Send a message that mediocrity won't be tolerated.