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What Vikings fans are saying after the tie


What Vikings fans are saying after the tie

CREATED Nov 25, 2013

Just when you think you've seen everything from the Green Bay Packers, they played the Minnesota Vikings to a 26-26 tie on a blustery, cold Sunday afternoon at Lambeau Field. 

Matt Flynn took over for Scott Tolzien in the third quarter and rallied the Packers from a 16 point fourth quarter deficit to tie the game at 23 at the end of regulation. 
The teams traded field goals in the overtime period - and both teams missed out on TD opportunities in the Red Zone. 
The Packers are 5-5-1 and amazingly, still control their own destiny in regards to winning the division.  Below are a handful of comments pulled from the Minneapolis Star Tribune following the game. 
  • Fitting end...neither team deserved to win!
  • Vikes D gave up 494 yards? This almost feels more like a loss, than anything else.
  • Again, outcoached in the second half after no halftime adjustments. when will it end? Lucky Rodgers was out. Wouldnt have been close.
  • The Viking coaching staff should not have been allowed to board the plane for the trip home. They should have been left there.
  • You play to tie the game! The packers have an excuse. No Rogers . the vikings have one too no good coaches
  • Up 23-7 in the 4th quarter and you end up with a tie? A cast off QB who failed at Seattle, Oakland and Buffalo shreds the Vikes defense for two TDs and a FG in the 4th quarter. Typical Vikings.
  • Whatever happened to stick with what is working? Packers absolutely could not stop the inside run, especially Gerhart just ramming it down their throats.
  • Hand the ball off to Peterson, Hand the ball off to Peterson.....this team ought to be ashamed of themselves,,,,,,,embarrassment to the State of passing game, no clue.
  • One thing you can always count on from my fellow Vikings fans is negative feedback. Ponder actually played good enough to win. The defense couldn't stop the run when they needed to in Q4.
  • This was not Ponder's fault. The D and the receivers own this one.
  • It will be interesting in about five weeks, which team is going to be hurt by this tie the most; perhaps the packers in the short term by not making the playoffs by a half game, or maybe the vikings in not getting to pick one position higher in the draft.Good game for Ponder...probably his best.