What Bears fans are saying after the loss...to the Lions


What Bears fans are saying after the loss...to the Lions

CREATED Nov. 11, 2013

Perhaps this will make some Packers fans feel better about the loss to the Eagles. The Chicago Bears (5-4) suffered an agonizing 21-19 loss to the Detroit Lions (6-3) Sunday afternoon in Chicago. Just three weeks removed from a groin tear, Jay Cutler started the game at quarterback, but suffered an ankle injury in the 2nd quarter. Cutler was replaced by backup Josh McCown in the 4th.

The Bears had two cracks at a 2-point conversion with about :40 seconds remaining, and failed to score. Below are a handful of comments pulled from the Chicago Tribune regarding the loss. As always, the comments have not been edited in any way. 

  • Trestman should have brought McCown in sooner though because of his mobility. Head Coaching experience matters. Trestman was afraid to be the adult in the room and this loss is on him.
  • Cutler should shoulder some of the blame. As a leader, sometimes you have to make the decision to follow. He knew that his mobility was handicapping the team and he still wanted to take snaps.
  • This loss is on whoever made the decision to leave Cutler in when he was clearly not 100%. Whose call was that? No excuse.
  • The Lions did everything possible to give this game to the Bears, but even that wasn't enough to overcome the incompetence of Queen Cutler.
  • Start McCown, Bears win by 20+.
  • Thank you to you and Cutler for knocking us out of FIRST PLACE GEE! Can we hope to see Cutler start next week while limping on to the field wilth his throwing arm in a cast? Or Coach, is this the way they play in Canada??
  • Jay Cutler is not even 50%. What is this doing to McNowns confidence. 
  • It took McCown ONE drive to put up the numbers Cutler did in almost four quarters.
  • The Trashman (coach) did not know when to take out the garbage (cutler). Worst coaching /qaurterbacking Ive seen in years.
  • Trestman is an idiot, Cutler should have been pulled in the third when McCown could have one it. He threw away 1st place in the division and more importantly gave Detroit advantage (two losses) in what could be a closely contested race for the NFC Central. [EDITOR'S NOTE: THE NFC CENTRAL DIVISION DOES NOT EXIST. THE BEARS, PACKERS, LIONS AND VIKINGS PLAY IN THE NFC NORTH]
  • Definitely a missed opportunity today. Glad to see the defense play better. Offense just could not get any running game going.
  • I sure hope Trestman has the balls to admit he really screwed up on this one. It isn't about a tuff quarterback, it is about winning the freakin' game.
  • Chicago rushed for a grand total of 38 yards on 20 attempts (1.9 yards per carry) in the game. 
  • Granted, I'd take an injured Jay over a healthy Rex, but man - who's doing the coaching here?!
  • Cutler's screwed no matter what he does. If he takes himself out he's soft , injury prone ,no heart . If he stay's in andpl ays , he's selfish , egomanical . Really ? Go root for GB then !