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What Vikings fans are saying after the loss


What Vikings fans are saying after the loss

CREATED Oct 28, 2013

The Green Bay Packers improved to 5-2 on the season after a convincing 44-31 win over the Minnesota Vikings Sunday night. Below are some comments pulled from the Star Tribune. As always, the comments have not been edited in any way. 

  • Rodgers makes difficult throws look effortless. He can thread the needle 25 yards downfield. Ponder has trouble hitting a guy in the numbers while he's standing perfectly still ten feet away.
  • We can't judge Ponder in his first year, without any training camp(2011). We can't judge Ponder until we get him some WR's or someone to throw to(2012). Is Ponder any better 3 years into his career than his 1st Pro Start? Nope.
  • The defense gave up 44 points! Ponder wasn't great but you can not give up this many points every game. It doesn't matter who the QB is. 
  • Fire Spielman. 
  • Twin Citians are forced to endure teams like the Vikings and the Twins -- and people wonder why Hookah lounges are sprouting up all over town.....?!!
  • Remember when Jared Allen was outstanding? He's not anymore.
  • This team has too many holes to fill. This could get ugly for years.
  • Laughingstock. That's what the Vikes have officially become. Spielman, Frazier and Ponder. Get rid of 'em all.
  • Aaron Rodgers and 4 high school receivers could put 40 on us. It's bad, really, really bad.
  • The score read 44-31..but it wasn't even that close. Packers are on another level as a team.
  • Wish AP good luck in his future which will be on a different team by the end of this season.
  • Dear Adrian Peterson, Please leave the Vikings for a team with a shot at the Super Bowl. You deserve to play in a Super Bowl
  • What a joke. What will Frazier's excuse be tonight. Stick a fork in 'em, they're done
  • Watching the Vikings is like watching a giant electric football game...players all over the field...going the wrong way...every player out of position...
  • There has never been an NFL franchise that deserved a new stadium less, than this putrid Wilf franchise.
  • Time to trade Allen and resign Griffen. Trade Williams. Trade AP and resign Toby. Let's stockpile draft picks. JOHNNY FOOTBALL HERE WE COME
  • The good news is the Vikings lost. The bad news is the Vikings are still 1 game behind in the Johnny Football Sweepstakes.
  • The 2013 Vikings are in the running for the worst in team history! 1-15 is very possible and very likely!!!