What Browns fans are saying after the loss


What Browns fans are saying after the loss

CREATED Oct 21, 2013

Aaron Rodgers threw for 260 yards and three touchdowns, Eddie Lacy ran for 82 yards and another score, and the shorthanded Green Bay Packers beat up the Cleveland Browns, 31-13 Sunday afternoon.

The Packers have won three straight, and own the top spot in the NFC North. The Browns, meanwhile, have lost two in a row and have a serious problem at quarterback.

Below are a series of comments pulled from the Cleveland Plain Dealer following the game. As always, the comments have not been edited in any way. 

  • fourteen years after readmission to nfl, more top ten picks in the draft then probably the combination of any other five teams, and where are we? how can one organization produce such futility.
  • not only are we bad (terrible) we are the laughing stock of the football world. The majority of the blame, and perhaps all the blame, should be placed on the management.
  • Yesterday was the first time I almost turned off the game early. 
  • Most fans drink beer when they watch the Browns play. I drink coffee so I can stay awake.
  • I hope Finley's ok, but there's no way Gipson did anything wrong.
  • I'm sick of this...I'm sick of enjoying mowing the lawn more than this crap...
  • Yes we all know now Weeden is done. But the problem is we only have one answer and regretfully Campbell isn't much of a response, with all dye respect.
  • The Browns blow, but so does the NFL. That penalty on Gipson changed the tone of the entire game. Big time legit hit and it goes against the Browns. Might as well start playing flag football.
  • The FACTORY OF SADNESS lives on!!!
  • Only in Cleveland can you have things like Factory of Sadness and Waitingfornextyear.com... Ugh, the life of a Browns fan.
  • I'm SICK AND TIRED of watching Weeden throw these games away! 
  • Aaron Rodgers was smiling on and off the field the entire game. Did anyone notice? He looked so relaxed it was shocking.
  • Aaron Rodgers played in the same elements and conditions without his #2 and #3 WRs and he still threw for 260 and a few TDs. did the wind and rain stop when he was throwing the ball? 
  • I still can't get over how bad Weeden has turned out to be. It's like passing a car accident, you try to look away but can't ... it's spellbinding.
  • The blame lies squarely at thefeet of Joe Banner. He doesnt care about the fans. They have decided to tank the season instead of try to win games. With a little effort they can do both.
  • People need to stop putting up with this CRAP and start expecting MORE... alot MORE!!!
  • Am I the only one who feels like if we had lost a couple more games a couple years ago and drafted Andrew Luck that he'd be underwhelming right now?
  • I was at a sports bar with all the games on television. Every team looked professional except the Browns. Every game had something exciting to offer except the Browns
  • Cleveland really needs to figure this QB nightmare out. We're a QB graveyard, but it really is now evident, even to a die-hard, stick with ONE PERSON at the helm philosophy type of guy like me, that Weeden isn't it. 
  • Is Matt Flynn still out there?
  • I'm certain the players have reconciled to being a third rate team. If my math is correct the offense has generated 6 TD's in 5 games or about 20 quarters.
  • The season IS TANKED