Packers can't wear alternate (throwback) helmets, but Oregon can


Packers can't wear alternate (throwback) helmets, but Oregon can

CREATED Oct 17, 2013

When the Green Bay Packers take the field Sunday afternoon against the Cleveland Browns, they will be honoring the 1929 season by wearing throwback uniforms. In the past, when the Packers have donned the throwbacks - complete with navy blue jersey and bile colored pants - they have worn a brown helmet. Due to a new rule put in place by the NFL, the Packers will not be allowed to wear said brown helmet on Sunday. Instead, the Packers will be wearing their current, gold colored helmet, void of logo and striping. 

As part of the NFL's focus on safety and reducing head trauma, a rule was put in place that creates a marriage between player and helmet that cannot be disturbed. Once players are properly fitted for helmets, the NFL doesn't want them changing during the season just for appearances. 

In a related story, the University of Oregon will wear pink helmets this weekend in an attempt to raise awareness for breast cancer and the fight against. Understand that the helmets that will be worn are different from the ones worn in previous games. 

It amazes me that there is not more consistency between the rules put in place by the NFL and NCAA. It would seem that an average football player is exposed to head trauma years before he reaches the professional level. If concussions and CTE are a big deal for full grown adult men, why is there not more attention paid to pee-wee, high school and the NCAA level?