What Ravens fans are saying after the loss


What Ravens fans are saying after the loss

CREATED Oct 14, 2013

The Green Bay Packers picked up a gritty, 19-17 win over the Baltimore Ravens Sunday afternoon. For the Packers (3-2), it was their first road win of the season. For the Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh, it  was the first time he has lost a game at home to an NFC team. Several storylines emerged from this game, but I'm certain Ravens fans are slamming their collective heads against the wall today and feel "their" team let one get away. 

Below are a collection of comments posted by Ravens fans in response to articles in the Baltimore Sun. As always, the comments have not been edited in any way. 

  • Harbaugh's record indicates that he has many attributes of a good coach.  Unfortunately, game day decisions isn't one of them!  This guy has no "feel for the game" and is forever making bad game managment decisions as he did today. 
  • The biggest problem I see this year is the offensive line. The whole line is bad. Everyone wants to bash Flacco..what about Rice and Pierce? Dumbest coach in the NFL.  Why do you ever pass with 12 seconds left in the half on your own 30?  Especially since he continues to play the worst Center if NFL history.
  • "Packers stuff the Ravens' running game"

    So what else is new?  Every team the Ravens have played this year has done the same thing.

  • LOL! Typical Flacco. Sleepwalks through most of the game. This guy is not an accurate passer and - guess what? The offense wasn't great last year either. 
  • Without Lewis, Reed, and the other true pros, the Ravens have to rely on 2nd tier coaches and it is showing. 
  • Just another example of professional sports team that wins a championship, then goes on to trade away all it's talent. 
  • looks to be a long season for the Cheeseheads ... a bad team just gave you a win ... you all are a just cut above this inept offense.
  • Defense put up a real good struggle, but it is hard to beat a good team when your offense plays for half a game. 
  • I find it amazing how everyone just jumps off the bandwagon and loves to bash. Criticizing is fine but have a legit point.