What Lions fans are saying after the loss


What Lions fans are saying after the loss

CREATED Oct. 7, 2013

For the 23rd straight time on Wisconsin soil, the Packers defeated the Detroit Lions. Aaron Rodgers threw for 274 and a touchdown, Eddie Lacy rushed for 99 yards, and Mason Crosby connected on a franchise record tying 5 field goals in the 22-9 win. Below are a series of comments pulled from the Detroit Free Press following the game. As always, the comments are unedited.

  • No Calvin, no chance
  • Without Calvin Johnson, the Lions are the Lions, Reggie is Reggie Bush, and the Lions are frauds
  • What a pathetic showing by the WRs. They were AWFUL. Durham especially. He missed one pass that hit him right in the face mask.
  • Frustrating game to watch... However, I feel good about the way the Defense played. Yes, there were a couple of "big plays" that really killed the game, but it's Aaron Rodgers
  • Much like the preseason, this game was an example of how little there is at WR without CJ on the field. What would it take to get Josh Gordon at this point?
  • It's not even the fact that CJ is THAT good. It's that the rest of the receivers are just THAT BAD!!!
  • time for a new coaching staff. this offense blows
  • McCarthy had a well thought out game plan in mind, and the Pack was able to carry it out.. Those big plays were not flukes, it was something they knew they could exploit.
  • The NFL is a copycat league, and McCarthy laid out the blueprint on how to beat the Lions.. Hell is safe for another year, no SB for the Lions..
  • Coaches and Management get a D-for no effective game plan, failure to make effective adjustments, and failure to recognize talent. 
  • "Lions coach Jim Schwartz insisted that Johnson’s absence didn’t affect the offense Sunday." Clown.
  • We are 4-5 years away from fielding a championship team. It's time to unload "projects" and let younger unsung players give it a go
  • Giving up 22 points in this NFL is not a bad thing. On most Sundays that's a winner. But when your offense scores 9, that's an issue.
  • The Lions are like a puzzle. When healthy, our puzzle is complete picture. Take one of our the puzzle pieces away and our picture is ruined
  • Well the good news is the other receivers got better as the game moved on.I also think we found a gem in Olgleve.
  • Is there any question why Calvin Johnson is rated so high with all NFL pundits? Without him, the Lions are a mediocre Division IIA team.
  • Probably the best thing was that the chances of getting rid of Schwartz and crew before next year is becoming more likely with nearly every game!!!!
  • They played the "Don't lose too badly" instead of the "We say we are improving so we should make an effort to show we really believe it" card.
  • Johnson showed his true colors today..electing to sit out during a huge road game. Leave your team to fend for themselves while you stand on the sidelines,,loss a lot of respect for this multi- millionaire today. What was he scared of?