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What Bears fans are saying about the loss to the Lions


What Bears fans are saying about the loss to the Lions

CREATED Sep 30, 2013

Usually my first blog of the week during football season has to do with what fans of "x" team are saying after a game against the Packers. With the Packers on bye in week 4, I had no choice but to slightly alter my post. I shifted focus to what Bears fans are saying after their loss to the Lions. Below are a series of comments from the Chicago Tribune following the Bears 40-32 loss. As always, comments are unedited. 

  • Jay Cutler is and will alwys be the Tony Romo of Chicago...Just good enough to stay,but never good enough to be the best.
  • Embarrassing. Cutler is his own worst enemy. He can no longer blame his O-line for his ineptitude.
  • They win as a team, they lose as a team. It's not all on one guy.
  • Cutler was absolutely awful, and almost single-handedly lost this game for the Bears. I say almost single-handedly b/c the Bears defense is bad, very bad. 
  • No phase played well today. It was a team loss just like the players all said after the game.
  • I dont think its a bad team.... i think cutler lacks leadership.... watching him, he always sits alone on the sideline, and to be honest after a couple of those picks he looked like he was gonna cry.
  • This is all JaMarcus Webbs fault. And Mike Tice and Lovie Smith. They are making terrible decisions and forcing Cutler into throwing interceptions. FIRE LOVIE SMITH AND MIKE TICE!!
  • Settle down morons... it's just one game! 
  • I don't think I can remember the defense being this bad, I mean this defense is really weak, we can't stop anybody, our D-Line is one of the weakest links on this team. 
  • Sorry, but the bubble burst today. No Super Bowl obviously this year. Need better pass rush, better defensive line and a better quarterback. 
  • How come ya never see a game like Cutler played out of Aaron Rogers ??????
  • You didn't expect the Bears to go 16-0 did you?
  • Tough loss to watch. But when you live by the turnovers, you die by the turnovers. Bears need more consistency on both sides of the ball. 
  • No Pass rush for the 4th game in a row.
  • Hey fairweathers go find a new team.