What Bengals fans are saying after the win


What Bengals fans are saying after the win

CREATED Sep. 23, 2013

Blog posts such as this are far more entertaining following a Packers win. Nonetheless, I was curious to read what Bengals fans had to say following a bizarre 34-30 win over the Packers Sunday afternoon. The following is a series of unedited posts from the Cincinnati Enquirer. 

  • 10 year season ticket holder and I've never seen anything like it. When the Pack went up 30-14 I was ready to leave, spit on PBS as I walked out and burn the rest of my season tickets when I got home. My son talked me into "one more series Dad" and the Bengals proceeded to march down the field and score...and the rest is history
  • I wanted Gruden fired. Marvin fired. And Zimmer promoted to HC mid way through the 3rd! lol The players are fantastic. I'm still not sold on Gruden as OC. 
  • The biggest play of the game was the inexplicable...Marvin Lewis' challenge of the 1st down. Not only did history say they wouldn't challenge but to have it work out exactly how you would dream...STUFF 'EM! FUMBLE! TOUCHDOWN!...That defies all Bengal logic. Great win!
  • Expected them to lose come the 4th quarter. this is a different Bengals team...not the bungals. Nice to see and they need to keep it going!!!
  • They kept their heads, while the rest of us were losing ours. A 16-point deficit, four turnovers in nine plays, a couple questionable personal foul calls. Any or all might have knocked the focus right out of them. 
  • Andy has to become a true leader and be a whole lot more consistent in his play. He played like a yo-yo.
  • the defense REFUSED TO LOSE no matter what the offense did. After 4 turnovers in the first half, to only be down 2 points at halftime was a testament to the defense.
  • if you're a Bengs fan, you learn to be a glutton for disappointment, stupid bungling and "Murphy's Law "

The Packers (1-2) will have two weeks to prepare for their next contest - a week 5 game against the Lions at Lambeau. They will also have two weeks to get helathy.  Three starters S Morgan Burnett, CB Casey Hawyward, (I consider Hayward a starter given his the ammount of nickel defense the Packers play)  and RB Eddie Lacy were inactive. During the game, the Packers lost RB James Starks (knee), TE Jermichael Finley (concussion), LB Clay Matthews.