What 49ers fans are saying after the win


What 49ers fans are saying after the win

CREATED Sep. 9, 2013

Different story, same result. For the third time in a calendar year, the Green Bay Packers lost to the San Francisco 49ers, Colin Kaepernick quarterbacked the 49ers to a 34-28 win after posting a career high 412 yards passing and 3 touchdowns. Playing without safety Morgan Burnett and cornerback Casey Hayward, 49ers wide receiver Anquan Boldin torched the Packers secondary for 13 catches and 208 receiving yards. 

I'm always curious to read the fan reaction from the opposing team following the game. Below are a handful of post-game comments, unedited, from 49ers fans:

  • The offensive line needs to get its collective head out of its rear and block a whole lot better. They eventually wore down the Packers' fat boy defensive line, but it took 3 quarters plus to do it. Very poor effort.
  • You cannot look at the final score and say that the incorrect call changed the final result. Game strategy goes along with the score, and I believe the Niners would have still won the game even if they only got a field goal out of the drive.
  • I like that Staley went to protect his QB after the cheap shot by Matthews out of bounds. I dislike that Matthews actually threw the first punch in the mixup with Staley, who was the one penalized because he retaliated.
  • Matthews should have gotten two personal fouls. One for his cheap shot on Kap, and the other for hitting Joe Staley after the play.
  • That was a flagrant foul by Matthews, way OB at to the head. He should have been ejected. 
  • Great, great win!! I'm sooo happy the Niners were able to shut the Pack up once and for all! For all the smack they've been talking, it makes this win that much sweeter!
  • Boldin is a freak'n BEAST!!!
  • When the QB throws for 400+ yards it makes no sense to whine about a lack of running game.
  • Green Bay's o-line was better than advertised, they handled our pass rush well. Also Green Bay's general defense was strong. Our offense was up to the challenge though.
  • Beautiful win.
  • So much for the Read Option, one read, he's a running QB tag lines. He just dispelled all of that BS.
  • the Packers had every play in our play book and we still won
  • Enjoy and savor the moment because there were craters everywhere. 
  • The officiating was a joke.