The Wave: Now brought to you by Lipton Iced Tea


The Wave: Now brought to you by Lipton Iced Tea

CREATED Jul. 17, 2013

Is nothing sacred? When the major league baseball season resumes Friday, the wave will be part of a targeted advertising plan.

Lipton Iced Tea has partnered with Major League Baseball to present the "Lipton Rally Wave". The tea company will encourage fans to perform the usually organic occurrence with a series of video board advertisements and PA announcements.

Not that I'm a big fan of the wave, but I appreciate it's place in sports. The beauty of the wave is watching the slew of enthusiastic fans trying to get the thing going. Fans will no longer need to initiate the stadium-wide ripple...a tea company will take care of it for you. 

Lipton is the official iced tea of Major League Baseball. That means Lipton has category exclusivity with the other tea company can advertise with MLB.  I get the feeling the folks at Arizona Iced Tea are worried about Lipton making their mark with this one however.