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Attention NCAA student-athletes: Don't wash your car with university water


Attention NCAA student-athletes: Don't wash your car with university water

CREATED May 30, 2013

I have long been critical of the NCAA and their vast array of rules that are both obscure and downright stupid. I was an NCAA athlete and I learned firsthand how they operate, and how irritating it can be.

For example, athletes who were injured who wanted to come out to the track and watch the team practice better not hop in the car with the coach - that would be a violation of NCAA rules. 

Need to make a quick phone call to order a pizza on your way back home from the athletic facility? Better not use the phone in your coaches office. Yep - that's illegal too. 

A personal favorite of mine happened in 1998. I was flying back from Boston after competing in the NCAA indoor Championship track and field meet. The connecting flight from Minneapolis to Appleton, WI was oversold. As luck would have it, my seat assignment got bumped. The airline offered me a $300 voucher to counter the issue, but I wasn't able to accept it because it would have been a violation of NCAA rules. Instead, my coach took the voucher, I took his seat, and he enjoyed a free flight to Phoenix for spring training two weeks later. 

The latest report from west coast showcases another instance of the NCAA focusing their attention on the wrong things while rogue agents run rampant at major universities, and coaches cheat their way to success.

CLICK HERE to read the story about the Portland University student-athlete who violated NCAA rules by washing her car with university water and hose.