NCAA rules against Twitter hashtags on playing field


NCAA rules against Twitter hashtags on playing field

CREATED May. 2, 2013

The NCAA's college football rules committee has banned the use of Twitter hashtags on the playing field.

You might remember last season when Mississippi State painted the hashtag #HAILSTATE in the end zone in advance of their game against rival Ole Miss. If you don't recall, CLICK HERE for a memory refresher.

Though the NCAA did not make a fuss over the hashtag use at the time, it's clear they did not want it to become a trend. Below is the update to the rules. At least the NCAA is focused on the real issues at hand. #sarcasm.


BULLETIN: Field Markings, Uniforms and Playing Equipment
Field Markings
1. Except as noted herein, there may be no advertising on the field, which 
includes the end zones and sideline areas (Rule 1-2-1-h). Only these items are 
NCAA logo
Conference logo
College/university name and logo
Team name and logo
Name of the commercial entity with purchased naming rights to the 
facility in no more than two locations (Note: the entity’s commercial 
logo is not allowed.)
Postseason game: Name/commercial logo of only the title sponsor 
associated with the name of the postseason game. There may be a 
maximum of three such advertisements: a single advertisement 
centered on the 50-yard line and no more than two smaller flanking
advertisements. These advertisements must adhere to paragraph 2 
below. No other advertisements, either by the title sponsor or by any 
other commercial entity, may be on the field.
All other items, including social media designations such as URL’s and hashtags, are 
2. No field marking may obscure any portion of any yard line, sideline, or goal 
line. Each line in its entirety must be clearly visible to the officials on the field.
These markings may not touch or enclose the hash marks. (Rule 1-2-1-f)
3. New in 2013 Each pylon may bear a manufacturer’s logo or trademark. 
Institutional logos, conference logos and the name/commercial logo of the title 
sponsor of postseason games are also allowed. Any such marking may not extend 
more than 3 inches on any side. (Rule 1-2-6)