Odds of winning the NBA title


Odds of winning the NBA title

CREATED Apr. 19, 2013

The NBA playoffs begin Saturday with a quadruple header. The Milwaukee Bucks, the number 8 seed in the eastern conference will play their first game at Miami on Sunday. Vegas has chimed in and placed odds on each team for winning the NBA title. It's no shock that the Bucks face the steepest odds at 500-1. Interestingly enough, the Bucks were given 125-1 odds during the pre-season. That should give you an idea of just how much faith Vegas has in the Heat cutting the nets down.

Below is the complete list of odds for each of the 16 playoff teams:

Miami Heat: 2-3 (preseason: 11-5)

Oklahoma City Thunder: 17-4 (preseason: 9-2)

San Antonio Spurs: 10-1 (preseason: 18-1)

Denver Nuggets: 25-1 (preseason: 66-1)

Indiana Pacers: 25-1 (preseason: 35-1)

Los Angeles Clippers: 25-1 (preseason: 25-1)

Los Angeles Lakers: 40-1 (preseason: 5-2)

Memphis Grizzlies: 40-1 (preseason: 35-1)

Chicago Bulls: 60-1 (preseason: 14-1)

Brooklyn Nets: 60-1 (preseason: 30-1)

Boston Celtics: 66-1 (preseason: 18-1)

Golden State Warriors: 100-1 (preseason: 125-1)

Houston Rockets: 100-1 (preseason: 75-1)

Atlanta Hawks: 150-1 (preseason: 75-1)

Milwaukee Bucks: 500-1 (preseason: 125-1)