Slumping Braun says neck not an issue


Slumping Braun says neck not an issue

CREATED Apr 17, 2013

It's rare to see Milwaukee Brewers left fielder, Ryan Braun mired in a slump of any kind. The fact that he is one for his last seventeen with ten strikeouts has certainly raised some eyebrows. For the first time in his career, Braun struck out four times in the Brewers 10-8 win over the San Francisco Giants on Tuesday night at Miller Park. 

Since missing three games in early April with neck stiffness, Braun has seen his batting average fall from .500 to .286. Still, Braun insists that his neck is fine.

"My neck is fine now," Braun told a group of reporters Wednesday afternoon before game two of a three game series against the Giants.

"Those first couple of games in St. Louis - I'm sure it didn't help, but its definitely not an issue anymore."

So then what is to make of Braun's recent struggles? Perhaps he's just human.

"My swing just sucks sometimes. It happens. When I'm going good it doesn't matter who is pitching, and when I'm going bad it doesn't matter who is pitching. Hopefully I'll find a way to turn it around sooner than later."

Despite Braun's performance over the last four games, he played a key role in the Brewers 4-3 win over the Cardinals on April 14 with a two-run home run that snapped a 32 inning scoreless streak. Watching Braun over the years, you get the feeling he is never too far away from breaking out - it's just a matter of time. For Braun, he believes that his strong work ethic will lead to positive results on the field. 

"I really don't worry about results,' Braun said. "I focus on my preparation every day. I know that every season is judged in it's entirety, and as long as I put my work in, at the end of the year, I'll be where I need to be."

Only time will tell.