Green Bay Packers 2013 schedule prediction


Green Bay Packers 2013 schedule prediction

CREATED Apr. 15, 2013

I have never done this before, and I have no idea what possessed me to try it, but I took a stab at predicting what I think the Green Bay Packers 2013 regular season schedule will look like. The official schedule is expected to be revealed a few days before the start of the NFL draft on April 25.

There are a variety of factors that went into my week-to-week predictions, but perhaps the largest influence for me was past season schedules. Just to make things more difficult on myself, I also tried to determine the scheduled start time for each game, and games that will be played in prime-time.

If what I've come up with looks completely crazy to you, I encourage you to run through the exercise on your own - there was nothing easy about this.  

WEEK 1   Sun.   9/8     GREEN BAY vs. Washington Redskins    3:25pm

WEEK 2   Sun.   9/15   GREEN BAY @ Minnesota Vikings           12:00pm

WEEK 3   Sun.   9/22   GREEN BAY vs. Cleveland Browns          12:00pm

WEEK 4   Sun.   9/29   GREEN BAY vs. Atlanta Falcons                  7:20pm

WEEK 5   Sun.   10/6   GREEN BAY @ Chicago Bears                   3:25pm

WEEK 6   Sun.   10/13 GREEN BAY @ Dallas Cowboys              12:00pm

WEEK 7   Sun.   10/20 GREEN BAY vs. Pittsburgh Steelers        12:00pm

WEEK 8   Mon.   10/28 GREEN BAY @ San Francisco 49ers        7:30pm


WEEK 10 Sun.   11/10 GREEN BAY @ Detroit Lions                     12:00pm

WEEK 11 Thurs. 11/14 GREEN BAY vs. Chicago Bears                 7:20pm

WEEK 12 Sun.    11/24 GREEN BAY @ Baltimore Ravens            3:25pm

WEEK 13 Sun.    12/1  GREEN BAY vs. Philadelphia Eagles      12:00pm

WEEK 14 Sun.    12/8  GREEN BAY @ New York Giants                7:20pm

WEEK 15 Sun.    12/15 GREEN BAY @ Cincinnati Bengals         12:00pm

WEEK 16 Sun.    12/22 GREEN BAY vs. Minnesota Vikings          12:00pm

WEEK 17 Sun.     12/29 GREEN BAY vs. Detroit Lions                    12:00pm