Favre helped lure Jennings to Minnesota


Favre helped lure Jennings to Minnesota

CREATED Mar. 18, 2013

Well, this probably won't sit well with some Packers fans. Former Green Bay Packers wide receiver, Greg Jennings said he communicated with former Packers and Vikings quarterback Brett Favre during his visit to Minnesota last week. 

Jennings left Minnesota with a 5-year, $47.5 million dollar deal; and will become the team's number 1 wide receiver next season. 

At first blush, I can understand why folks would be angry over this revelation. I'm sure as the Vikings did their homework on Jennings, they were in contact with Favre. And I'm sure somewhere along the line the Vikings brass asked Favre to "put in a good word". 

If the Packers and Vikings were locked in a bidding war for the 29-year old Jennings, I can only imagine folks would be even more furious, but the reality is, the Packers low-balled Jennings and had to figure he would get away. 

Nevertheless, Favre played a role in Jennings landing in Minnesota and, regardless of how significant a role it was, I'm sure it was enough to fire up Packers fans up. 

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