Tom Crean goes off on Michigan assistant


Tom Crean goes off on Michigan assistant

CREATED Mar 11, 2013

After Indiana's stunning 72-71 win over Michigan on Sunday, Hoosiers Head Coach Tom Crean completely lost it. Crean had to be held back as he screamed at Michigan assistant Jeff Meyer. Crean called it a "professional misunderstanding" on Monday. I call it being a jerk.

Meyer was an assistant coach under Kelvin Sampson when Sampson was at Indiana. It is clear that Crean wanted Meyer to know just how disgusted he was with the way the program was run before he took over five years ago. To Crean's credit, he has taken an Indiana program that was in the toilet, and brought to the brink of a number one seed in the 2013 NCAA tournament. That is no small feat.

But Crean's passion and outspoken nature is sometimes misguided. What purpose did it serve to blast Meyer on the court after a game Indiana had won to secure a Big Ten regular season title? Indiana's play had done all the talking for Crean. There was no reason compelling enough to blast Meyer. By trying to embarrass him, Crean embarrassed himself.

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