Brewers Spring Training: Painting the picture from Peoria


Brewers Spring Training: Painting the picture from Peoria

CREATED Mar. 6, 2013

After losing to team Canada 7-4 on Tuesday afternoon, the Brewers are back at it today against the Seattle Mariners on a sun-drenched afternoon in Peoria, AZ. Peoria Sports Complex hosts both the Mariners and San Diego Padres. That would explain the lack of a team logo behind the plate.

The field dimensions at Peoria Sports Complex are consistent. Down the line in left and right is 340 feet, 385 to the power alleys, and 410 to center. There is also a 50-foot high blue wall in center that allows the batter to pick up the ball coming out of the pitcher's hand. As is customary at cactus league ballparks, there is outfield lawn seating for a few thousand fans spanning from foul pole to foul pole. Tickets for lawn seating are selling for $7 today, and, as game time nears, there are a few hundred people spaced out on the lawn relaxing on large blankets and under the sun.

I must say, it is an absolutely picture-perfect day for baseball. The temperature is 77 degrees, a few high wispy clouds are easing their way though the sky, and the coconutty smell of sunscreen is wafting through my open-air broadcast booth as Hootie and the Blowfish plays over the loudspeaker system. All I need now is an ice cold Miller Lite. Oh well...I can wait until after the game for that.

From a broadcast perspective, my booth is located behind home plate and right next to the Brewers Radio Network broadcast booth. Bob Uecker is no more than 36 inches away from me to my left. The only thing separating us is a pane of glass.

Mike Fiers will get the start today for the Brewers against Blake Beavan. There are a couple names associated with the Mariners that Brewers fans will likely recognize. Former starter Jamie Navarro is the Mariners bullpen coach, and Kameron Loe has relocated to Seattle and is expected to pitch today against his former team.

After taking on the Mariners today, the Brewers will return to Maryvale Baseball Park to host the Arizona Diamondbacks on Thursday.

Look for more updates throughout the rest of the week as I share some of the unique offerings of spring training baseball.