Punishment does not fit the crime


Punishment does not fit the crime

CREATED Mar. 6, 2013

Allow me to take a break from baseball to express my disappointment in the NBA's ruling to fine Oklahoma City Thunder forward, Serge Ibaka, $25,000 for a blatant shot to the stones of Clippers forward, Blake Griffin.

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Ibaka should have been fined and suspended for the cheap shot. Instead, he received a flagrant 1 foul, was not ejected, and will have the fine deducted from his next pay check. In other words, Ibaka will hardly feel the same pain Griffin did after falling to the court in pain after being surprised.

Personally, I'd be in favor of a more creative punishment for Ibaka. If he wants to cup check an opponent, he should get one in return - if not physically, then metaphorically.

Griffin said he watched the play after the game and is frustrated that Ibaka wasn't ejected or suspended.

"I don't really see how it can be let go," Griffin said. "But I'm not going to do anything about it. I'm not going to cry and complain."

Griffin stopped short of saying the NBA didn't want to suspend Ibaka before the Thunder's high profile matchup against the Lakers on Tuesday night - a game that was televised on ESPN.

"It is surprising [he won't be suspended], but it is a big game tonight [against the Lakers] and I don't think they want one of their .. I really don't know. It's a big game."