UPDATE: Marquette to remain in Big East?


UPDATE: Marquette to remain in Big East?

CREATED Feb. 26, 2013


The Big East conference, as we know it, is coming to an end. Starting next academic year, the schools comprising the conference will look more like the old Conference USA, than it will today's Big East.

As the conference wraps up a new television deal with ESPN, there are rumblings a conference name change could be on the agenda. There is further speculation that the "Catholic 7" schools (including Marquette) could be sold the Big East name.



When Marquette and the other 6 schools that mkae up the Catholic 7 split off to form their own conference next season, it looks like they will be able to keep the Big East name. In addition, Butler and Xavier have formally withdrawn from the atlantic 10 and will join the conference according to the ESPN report. And Creighton could end up being the 10th school.

Fox sports is expiditing the deal and will serve as the Television rights holder for conference basketball games. Included in the TV deal is, essentially, the sale of the Big East name. Next year, the Big East will be a fraction of its current self. With schools such as Tulane and SMU The Big East name doesnt really apply.

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