Wonderlic has new company at NFL scouting combine


Wonderlic has new company at NFL scouting combine

CREATED Feb. 18, 2013

The Wonderlic test. Fair or unfair, a player's score on the annually administered aptitude test is scrutinized along with a player's 40-yard dash time and three cone drill.

At this year's NFL scouting combine, the Wonderlic test will be supplemented by a second aptitude test developed by the NFL.

The goal of the second test is to further confuse...I mean, reveal a more comprehensive assessment of a player's non-physical capabilities and strengths.

One aspect that is not clear is how the test will be scored. Over the years, we have learned the average Wonderlic score is 21, and essentially, anything in the 20's is decent.

The NFL's scouting combine will take place February 23-26 in Indianapolis.

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