Bucks to unveil retro action-deer uniform


Bucks to unveil retro action-deer uniform

CREATED Feb 1, 2013

Remember in the mid-1990's when the Milwaukee Bucks introduced their alternate jersey? It was a forrest-ish green color with the swooping head of a purple dear on the front. It was completely ridiculous. In fact, when I created the "Worst Uniforms in NBA History" blog back in October, I chose not to include the Bucks, or any teams alternate jersey because the majority are terrible.

Well, like it or not, the Bucks swooping dear head jersey is coming back for ten games this season. Admittedly, Adidas tweaked the initial design a bit - and it is more tolerable than the original, but not by much.

As part of the NBA's 2013 Hardwood Classics initiative, the Bucks are one of several teams that will "celebrate" some of the unique uniform designs of the 90's. The reason I put celebrate in quotes is because the 90's represents the absolute worst decade of uniform designs in league history. Period.  

The new version of the Bucks alternate uniform will first be worn on Friday, February 1 against the Knicks. The home version will be worn on Saturday, February 2 against the Magic. In addition, the Bucks will sport related warm-up suits and shooting shirts.

CLICK HERE to see what the new throwback uniforms look like.