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Big Ten Conference to consider changing division names


Big Ten Conference to consider changing division names

CREATED Jan 15, 2013

When the Big Ten Conference split into two divisions, there was eager anticipation for how the schools would be divided and the name of each division. When the divisions were assigned the names  "Leaders" and "Legends" there was a collective, "huh?" that rang from Happy Valley to Husker Nation.

At the time of it's birth, Big Ten Commissioner, Jim Delany explained the Legends and Leaders names were to be used for a couple of years, and evaluated thereafter. Well, in this instance, Delany is a man of his word.

With Maryland and Rutgers set to join the conference in 2014, Delany has opened the door to changing the division names. Call it convenient timing, call it righting a wrong, whatever, the names have never stuck, and became even more embarrassing amid controversy at member institutions. I mean, seriously, how can any division housing Penn State and Ohio State be referred to as the "Leaders" division?

Expect a change to be made.

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