49ers confirm Candlestick Park field not in great shape


49ers confirm Candlestick Park field not in great shape

CREATED Jan. 9, 2013

As I had posted earlier in the day on Wednesday, there are some concerns over the condition of the field at Candlestick Park for this weekends divisional round playoff game.

Head Coach Jim Harbaugh and several players were asked about it today and they agreed the field is not in great shape, but the footing appears to be stable. Stable? Unless 22 men are out there cutting back and forth and pounding all the oxygen out of the center of the field, how can anybody tell if it will hold up?

Regardless, I believe that teams who are run oriented and strong on defense have the advantage when field conditions are less than ideal. Should the field be a mud-clumpy mess, the advantage flows to the 49ers.

My sense is that the field wont be quite as bad as what we saw at FedEx Field in Washington DC last weekend (where two players blew out their ACL), but I do believe the field will play slow and give way at some point.

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