The end of the bullpen phone in MLB


The end of the bullpen phone in MLB

CREATED Jan. 9, 2013

The "call to the bullpen" made my major league baseball Managers will look much different this season. The bullpen phones - a staple since the 1930's - is going to the wayside in exchange for cell phones. Dugout phones will remain in place in the event Mangers prefer to use them.

As you may expect, there are sponsor dollars behind the change. T-Mobile, America's fourth largest cell phone carrier, is sponsoring the move as part of a multi-year deal. The popular carrier also claims they will increase cellular connectivity at stadiums.

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There are so many jokes here, it's ridiculous - and what's next? Will Managers move from calling to texting? Will they eventually make the move via iPad? Whatever the case, America's past time is evolving with technology whether we like it or not.