What Vikings fans are saying after the loss


What Vikings fans are saying after the loss

CREATED Jan. 6, 2013

The road to New Orleans continues for the Green Bay Packers. After defeating the Minnesota Vikings 24-10 in the wild card round, the Packers will travel to San Francisco to take on the 49ers in the divisional round on Saturday. Below are some comments from Vikings fans after the loss. All comments were taken from the Star Tribune, and have not been altered in any way.


Bottom line the Vikes overachieved with a bunch of misfits and poor management. Just proves how good Peterson really is..

Refs made sure the Pack got points early. Watch the replay of Nelson's catch at the 3. Jefferson had him covered until Nelson pushes him away to get separation. No flag. Holding NEVER called all game on the O-line. Williams was held on one of the two Kuehn TDs. And, is is legal to tackle Peterson by his helmet alone? He was dragged down by his helmet in the 3rd quarter. C'mon! Pack ends the game with two 5 yard penalties.

You couldn't tell where some of the Vikings receivers were going to be on the route if you were using the NASA super computer.

Good season, pathetic ending. Would have been just as bad with Ponder though. GB's D actually filled lanes and actually tackled tonight.

Sorry, Cheeseheads but your team showed it is not good enough to go all the way this year. They will likely mirror last year's playoff performance.

Most important position in the NFL and the Vikings have Ponder, Webb and Bethel-Thompson. 2nd most important and the Vikings have Spielman,Frazier and Musgrave. PATHETIC.

Typical Queen choke, it's their history and destiny. I feel sorry for AP, he will go the way of Barry Sanders unless he finds a way out of Queensland.

I find it amazing that a patch-work offensive line in GB can go two straight games without a holding call.

If we had any half decent QB at all , we could easily win games like these. The Packers are nothing without Rodgers which is more proof that you need a decent QB to win games.

The biggest loss wasn't the game but the playoff experience Ponder would have gained.

You can't kick on Frazier. He took a team with weak skill positions on offense and won 10 games. 7 games better than last year

you have to wonder if cutting Sage Rosenfels was a good move....

Missing a game b/c of a bruised elbow? What little respect I had for Ponder, is now all completely gone b/c of this decision. Are you kidding me!!!!!!!!?

I'm sure glad the Vikings listened when I and others were saying they should have signed Vince Young. A healthy Vince Young is a free agent, in great shape,and has spent the last few months working with a quarterback guru.

Should have called Favre!