What Bears fans are saying after the Packers loss


What Bears fans are saying after the Packers loss

CREATED Dec. 31, 2012

I took a little different approach to this weeks post. I figured Bears fans might be the only fan base more frustrated with the Packers loss than Packers fans. After all, the Packers loss to the Vikings ensured the Bears - despite a 7-1 start - would not make the playoffs. I took a trip to the Chicago Tribune's website for the comments below.

Thank you Vikings for putting the Bears Fans out of our misery this year. The way the Bears played in the second half of the season they would have just looked like fools in the playoffs.

That's it, lifetime Bears fan but no more. That's enough. Seven and one and they can't make the playoffs. Players stink, coaches stink, ownership stinks.

Um, it's taken Lovie nine years to get to a point where there is still a grand canyon between us and the Green Bay Packers.

I was cheering for the Vikings to put an end to this playoff nonsense. Hopefully we'll see some changes soon.

The Chicago Bears need a much more offense oriented coach. In the modern NFL offense wins games. Defense will stop points from being scored but it will not put points on the board.

I would like to congratulate LESLIE FRAZIER for having his team ready to play at Houston and beating the Pack at HOME something LOVIE SMITH TEAM COULD NEVER DO!

The bears need to start at the top. This is the crap that happens when you have an accountant running the show that knows nothing about football.

One step closer to the door mat of the division...where they belong.

A misleading 10- 6 record should not save Lovie smith and his incompetent staff.

All you stat freaks ! Heres one for you! Loving winning % vs. winnining teams .322

Melton must have an IQ bordering on moronic if he thinks that the Bears are a "Super Bowl caliper team".

So let me get this straight - We get to sit on the couch (again) and watch the p3ckers and purple pukes go into the playoffs while jayboy quitler shops on rodeo drive with his tuna and the bald dou chebag collects checks on IR?

If Emery doesn't fire Lovie Smith and gut this inept coaching staff like a dead fish, then he should be fired! Lovie couldn't lead a team that started 7-1 to a NFC Norh Title or a Wildcard Playoff birth.

We need a get in your face coach...someone who not afraid to tell Urlacher your all done and scrap the attitude off Cutler.

Well we see that the bus has come to a stop. Time to load up with the following: SMITH, LOVIE. TICE, MIKE. It's time to clean house Phil.

Cutler can't beat teams above 500, never has been able to and there's no reason to think it's going to start any time soon.

Hopefully this was the icing on the cake and Lovie is history. Vikings won 3 games last year and this year made the playoffs; Colts TWO wins last year and made the playoffs. Bears= NADA.

Thanks for the memories Lovie, now don't let the door hit you in the a##.