What Lions fans are saying about the loss


What Lions fans are saying about the loss

CREATED Dec 10, 2012

The Green Bay Packers earned a 27-20 win over the Detroit Lions on Sunday night at a snow-soaked Lambeau Field. With the win, the Packers increased their winning streak over the Lions on Wisconsin soil to 22 straight games.

Below are a collection of comments pulled from the Detroit Free Press after the Packers win over the Lions.


 time for a housecleaning at the top. same ole shhhhh every week. same ole lame azz excuses every week

They are now less watchable than the Pistons. 22 in a f'n row....22 in a f'n row?

Their defensive scheme is a joke. 4 man d-line and the other 7 are 5 to 10 yards off the line of scrimmage. That 3 man rush on 3rd and 11 in the 4th quarter was embarrassing.

San Francisco retooled mainly it's coaching staff and went right to the playoffs. Singletary was the wrong coach, but they had talent and brought in the right staff and Voila', they are a winner.

Schwartz made the bonehead call of having Grandpa Hanson try to kick a 51 yarder in the wind. That was the ultimate game changing moment. 

Stafford stunk the last half and should of been replaced, poor coaching.

The Stafford fumble was a killer. Even though the Lions were still winning after the play, it completely changed the momentum. I went to bed when it was 17-17 and woke up wondering how they lost

It's time for a new coaching staff, there is no discipline whatsoever on this team. And Swartz is like a 15 year old girl that complains and jumps around every first down. Grow up...

For a team, touted as having a great defense, something sure is taking a dump. The 'O' calls are uninspiring too. It seems when the opponent figures the Lions schemes out, we have no answers.

Until the Lions are owned by someone other than the Fords; someone willing to care about anything beyond the bottom line, this team will always suck, regardless of the talent of the parts.

If any team can blow four straight double-digit leads, the Lions can do it!

Stafford's leadership is suspect....his body language is one of defeat...me thinks his arm is hurt too

Another new way to lose: Unforced turnover by Stafford. When it happened I just started laughing and said "and there it is".

Any decade now this team is going to rise up and contend for a wild card and damn near make it. I can feel it.

 I know many love Schwartz but seriously he continues to allow his team to melt down week after week. The offensive coordinator SUCKS! He is the first one that needs to go out the door since all he does when we get a lead is call STUPID PLAYS that end up helping to prevent us from Winning!!!

Stafford is a good NFL QB. I don't care about the stats either...other than their lack of Red Zone TDs. That's a good one. I blame most of that on the predictable play calling of Linehan. However, Stafford can take most of the blame last night.

Time to bring out the brown paper bags.