Lions, Suh, continue dirty play


Lions, Suh, continue dirty play

CREATED Dec. 4, 2012

The Detroit Lions have quickly become one of the most hated teams in the league. Disdain for the Lions has everything to do with how they go about their business on the field.

More specifically, I'm speaking of the defense which, once again, showed what a bunch of classless jerks they are during their week 13 loss to the Colts.

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I am well aware there are players on other teams who take cheap shots, but members of the Lions - lead by defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh - seem to be involved far more than others. Listen carefully to the words spoken by the Packers about the Lions this week. I'd be shocked if you hear the word, "respect". I believe the Packers respect the Bears, and respect the Vikings. Both teams are bitter rivals, but they are not a collection of cheap shot artists. The Lions are. 

The Lions have had two winning seasons since 2000, so I fully understand they were in need of a culture change when Jim Schwarz took over as Head Coach. Well, congratulations have succeeded. The Lions play an aggressive style of defense that is, at times, reckless and lacks discipline. Usually, undisciplined teams (if they reach the playoffs) fail to advance.

Perhaps that is what Schwarz should be focused on when he's watching the playoffs this season.