What Vikings fans are saying after the loss


What Vikings fans are saying after the loss

CREATED Dec. 3, 2012

The Green Bay Packers improved to 8-4 on the season after a 23-14 win over the Minnesota Vikings Sunday at Lambeau Field. The win, combined with a Bears loss, allowed the Packers to move into a first place tie with Chicago atop the NFC North. By virtue of their week 2 win over Chicago, the Packers own the first tie-breaker at the moment.

The Vikings, meanwhile, suffered a damaging loss. While they are still in the playoff discussion at 6-6, they are behind Dallas and Tampa Bay in the tie-breaker world. Below is a sampling of what Vikings fans are saying after the loss to the Packers. As always, the comments have not been altered from their original state.


Ponder is a terrible quarterback

the vikings clearly felt the presence of Ponder. Awful.

Christian Ponder sucks. If I was Peterson, I'd want out of this joke of a team. He puts the team on his back every week only to watch the team lose like usual. The sad part is this Vikings team, at one time 5-2, will not finish above .500.

Peterson faces 8 men in the box consistently and still dominates. Haven't seen a single run his entire career that he didn't give it his all. At the start of the 4th quarter, Peterson 210 yards, Ponder 36 & 2 picks in the red zone. The Viking coaches owe Peterson an apology -

The Pack gift wrapped this game for the Vikes But I guess they wanted to wait til Christmas to open it Three bonehead plays by two player cost us this one 1 by E Griffen and 2 by Christian Plunder Is Webb really that bad? How about a draft time trade at draft time {Editor's note: ???}

No desire to try someone else, ANYONE ELSE at quarterback.

Vikings Area of Strength: Running back, Offensive Line, Defensive Secondary, Tight End. Area of Mediocrity: Defensive Line. Areas of Weakness: Linebacker, Wide Receiver and most importantly, Quarterback

We need someone to catch the ball. We have to get off the field on third down. We need help with our defense in the draft. We are back in the conversation after a dismall '11 season, but not good enough to be contenders

Time to pull the plug on this failed Ponder experiment. Completely in over his head in the NFL. He gets worse each game. Unbelievable.

percy harvin deserves a big extension after this game because we need him and the vikings are wasting petersons miles by not helping him with getting a deep threat this front office has done it for years on end now and its getting pathetic.

I've defended both Ponder and coaches previously, but no more!! Biggest unsolved problem no competent number 1 or 2 wide outs.

Until the Vikings get an actual receiver on the team, our quarterback will look bad

Leslie Frazier should be fired if lets Ponder and Musgrave board the flight home!

Super Bowl Contender vs. Rebuilding Team. All Pro vs.Arena League QB on the road. Just think if Ponder was just a little bit better then Spergon Wynn. We might have actually won this game.

It's to bad that QB is the only position that matters anymore. If Rodgers wasn't on GB the Pack would be a terrible team. They should thank there stars every night. On the other hand a competant QB like say Russell Wilson, and the Vikes would once again rule the North.

Ponder's play is an embarrassment to the team, the league, and the game...why on earth is this guy still in there? And if Webb is that bad, why are we even paying him? This team needed a seasoned backup for this exact reason, and they did zilch in the offseason.

Green Bay won the game, but they got eviscerated on the ground. The Packers should be embarrassed by that defensive showing. Peterson owned that entire squad. 126 yards on the ground...at Lambeau...11 months after an injury that would have ended 99% of the players in the league's career. {Editor's Note: Peterson finished with 210 yards rushing}

Let's get Matt Flynn in here next year as the quarterback.

People....the Vikings are just not a good team...it's as simple as that.

PLEEEEEEEEEEAAAASE ZIGGY, fire Frazier right after the game clock goes to 0 in our final game against Green Bay!!!! Alex Smith will be looking for a team next year, we need a new coach to understand you need a QB to win a Superbowl!!!