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What Lions fans are saying after the loss


What Lions fans are saying after the loss

CREATED Nov 19, 2012

The Green Bay Packers improved to 7-3 after a gritty 24-20 win over the fading Detroit Lions Sunday at Ford Field. The Packers improved to 2-0 in NFC North Division games, with four more to play. Below are a collection of comments from Lions fans after the loss. The comments were pulled from the Detroit Free Press, and, as always, they have not been altered in any way.


Shwartz has to go. He can't motivate or coach. We need a new GM as well, the draft choices like Best and Young are killing us.

It tells you a lot when the Packers play like a bunch of numbnuts and still end up winning. The Lions should have smoked them but LOST. Dropped passes and POOR PASSING by an out of shape Matthew Stafford killed the Lions.

How can u get to the red-zone time after time and not use your best player on your team.

The Packers played a terrible game on offense once again and won thanks to their injury depleted defense,they play really good teams well and mediocre and bad teams not so well. the Lions season looked so promising and now its wait till next year once again.

Stafford is not a good QB. He missed two wide open TD passes to CJ. He also missed Scheffler on a bunch of pass plays.

If ever there was a winnable Greenbay game, this was it....That 1st and 10 on the 10--and getting nothing but 3 spoke volumes.

Michigan State and the Lions have the same offensive coordinator he just changes his name on game days !

It's over. It's okay. The best we can do is not to play frustrated but to play loose. Have some fun. This season is over. If we can play loose, string a few meaningless games into wins, we go into next year with some momentum AND DETERMINATION.

Too much national attention given to Calvin, Stafford and Suh for what? A wild card appearance leading to a one and done blowout in the playoffs??

the Lions need to upgrade their offensive play book in the red zone,they got a quarterback,now get some receivers and some plays.

Till they change the upper management(owners) they are gonna continue to suck. Nuff said.

Hard to believe the Lions two defenders couldn't break up that last Packer touchdown. Should have been an interception. So now we're all saying get a new coach and GM. Hmmm, that's sounds awfully familiar.

Looks like the Lions have ruined another young qb. Jesus.

All the unnecessary analysis, sum it up in one simple phrase, "same old Lions".