What Bears fans are saying after the loss...to Houston


What Bears fans are saying after the loss...to Houston

CREATED Nov 12, 2012

I usually only do blog posts such as this after a Packers game, but after the Bears 13-6 loss to the Houston Texans Sunday night - a game where Jay Cutler was knocked out of the game after suffering a concussion - I thought the Chicago Tribune would be an interesting read. Below are a sample of comments from Bears fans after the loss.

As always, the comments have not been altered in any way.


The Bears have played two good teams this year and lost to both.....Marshall is a joke and a phony. (And this is coming from a Bears fan.)

Thanks to a first half schedule that's been the equivalent of a junior college football schedule, the Bears actually think they're a good team.

We surrender. Can't win when needed with a QB who throws for 12 TD's but turns the ball over 14 times. Not exactly a winning ratio there.

You could tell the second Cutler got hit it was going to be a concussion then the way he grabbed his head made it more obvious but not quite as painful as watching the offense in the 2nd half. That was a lot worse...

Yes it was a cheap shot the referee made some horrible calls tonight they know that was unnessecary roughness penalty he should be fine I hpoe Cutler is ok and the offense get clicking rolling into the playoffs. Lets step it up offense and Defense keep doing your thing other teams around the league will notice you so lets win 13 to 14 games and get a first round bye.

Watching on TV and rewatching it here, it sure looks like helmet-to-helmet; you can see his neck whip around - vicious cheap shot.

Hes a good qb, the bears are still 7-2, with an amazing defense and if cutler did not get hurt yesterday the bears would have won. Jason.Cambel can't keep a drive going and robbie gould missed a field goal and we still almost won.

texans beat the bears at their own game. bears had all the chances to score and couldn't get 1 TD. and even if the bears defense is better, the bears offense just went into hibernation. zzz...

Cutler is one tough guy, but the problem is he makes too many mental mistakes and put himself in a position to be hurt. And he ALWAYS gets hurt when it appears the Bears are at a critical juncture.

This was a very winnable game, had Cutler not played such am atrocious first half again. Also, the need to let someone other than Tice do the play calling. With all the weapons the Bears have offensively, they should be doing a whole hell of lot better than they have. Tice is in over his head in terms of play calling.

Release Kellen Davis NOW! Worthless trash!