What Cardinals fans are saying after the loss


What Cardinals fans are saying after the loss

CREATED Nov. 5, 2012

One of my favorite things to do after a Packers game is check out the articles and comments coming out of the opposing team's market. Below are a handful of reader comments that appeared in the Arizona Republic after the Packers 31-17 win over the Cardinals Sunday afternoon.

What was amazing to me was the lack of response from "fans" after the Cardinals fifth straight loss. Usually I sift through 100 or more comments posted after a variety of articles pertaining to the game. I counted a grand total of 15 unique comments from the readers of the Arizona Republic. Needless to say, those who follow the Cardinals ("fans" is too strong a word to use) appear to be a rather apathetic bunch.

As always, the comments below have not been altered in any way.


Without a NFL caliber quarterback and a better offensive line, this team will continue to wander aimlessly in the desert and be the "same old Cardinals". Until things change, I will not waste my time watching ineptitude.

Why does the Coach insist on trying to run a back not suited for the runs being called. It is a joke and it looks like a joke.

Problems go much deeper to ownership. As Bickley noted in his column, the entire Bidwilly family lives large off the Cards. Any major in-season acquisitions - running backs, O-linemn, veteran QB - would come out of their personal pockets. That's why it never happens.

Remember, the Packers also dropped 6 passes in the 1st half and missed a FG. Could have been worse.

the Cardinals simply exist so the other 31 teams have someone to play.

Hopefully this will start the drumbeat in the media to fire this head coach. The problems in this team go much deeper than the HC alone, but they will not be addressed as long as Whiz is at the helm. He is clueless, and you can see it in his eyes.

I'm sick of watching this team lose. Will the Suns be able to compete?

Looks like another 7-9 or 8-8 season for the Cards. Coach Whisenhunt will probably be fired and another coach hired. The results will be the same.

Ray Charles could see this coming. No running backs. No QB. No 0-line. Defense has given up.

This season went sour fast.