What Texans fans are saying about the loss


What Texans fans are saying about the loss

CREATED Oct 15, 2012

It was a statement game for the Green Bay Packers Sunday night. They went into Houston as underdogs, and walked away with a 42-24 win over the previously unbeaten Texans.

Aaron Rodgers threw for 338 yards and tied a franchise record with six touchdown passes.

As expected, Texans fans were none to pleased with their team's effort under the prime-time lights. Below are a series of comments pulled from the Houston Chronicle after the game. As always, the comments have not been altered in any way.

I'd rather have a wake-up loss against a good team than blow a gimme against a bad team. If it happens again next week with the Ravens, one of my eyebrows will definitely be raised.

Super Bowl contenders lose games, Super Bowl contenders let down their guard and drop a game or two at home. Super Bowl contenders do not allow teams to come into their home and manhandle them from begining to end.

texans have no pass rush, never had and never will they are mediocre at best schaub is a backup qb and will never be an aaron rogers.

Without Cushing there was no pushing! The Texans were exposed.

I can handle a loss. What I can't handle is a completely pathetic showing like this one.

Giive the dam ball to Foster. We will never win if we have to rely on Matt "Cotton" Schaub.

Texans played against a real high caliber quaterback and got their "arses" handed to them!

Everyone's missing the good news. The Texans are still among the best second-tier teams in the league. If the NFL would stop making us play the top-tier teams, we would dominate.

This has been coming for a while. They've blown up the bottom feeders, but against decent competition (Broncos, Jets, Packers), they've looked mediocre.

And if I were Coach Kubiak Danial Manning would doing sprints until he pukes tmrw for givng the Packers ANOTHER first down after they had made like 3 third down stops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See what happens when you play a eeal team. Love Coach Cupcake's defense. Go Cowboys!

Green Bay had a busload of injuries, yet they sucked it up, pulled up their jockstraps and took care of business. THAT'S WHAT A REAL SUPER BOWL TEAM DOES.

What a total humiliation with the whole country watching! The loss isn't that big of a deal, it's the way we lost. We painfully learned that the Texans are not really an elite NFL team yet.

So, THIS is the big "Super Bowl" team??? LMFAO!!! Their potential Super Bowl adversary just threw them around Reliant Stadium like a wet rag for four solid quarters.

Texans were snakebit the moment NBC pointed out Bum was in attendance and started likening this team to the Oilers. They even had the nerve to stick a knife in the Texans' collective backs by playing "We're the Houston Oilers." It was all crap for us after that.

Can we just stick to playing at noon on Sundays?

What is so bad about this loss, is the way we lost. Just a complete breakdown of the entire team.
You can't say it was the loss of Cushing that caused this mess, he doesn't play offense, he wasn't the one constantly getting a penalty to keep giving the pack more opportunities.


Tire of people defending Schaub as a top or serviceable QB. He always crumble under pressures.
The Texans never came on the field with any swag'r and they didn't have that eye of the tiger warrior look. It looks like they thought they could just show up and ride on their reputation. Their body language said it all and the Packers exposed them.


God, that was embarrassing.