My Conversation with Tony LaRussa: Part 2


My Conversation with Tony LaRussa: Part 2

CREATED Oct. 1, 2012

A little over a year ago, the Milwaukee Brewers and St. Louis Cardinals were locked in a battle for the NL Central Division title. The Brewers won the battle, but the Cardinals had the last laugh with their improbable World Series win over the Texas Rangers.

On August 2, 2011, the Brewers and Cardinals played one of the more memorable games of the season at Miller Park. Tempers flared in the 7th inning when Jason Motte hit Ryan Braun in the back with a 98 MPH fastball. What made matters worse is that Motte threw at Braun the pitch before but missed. The move was in retaliation for the Brewers pitching Cardinals slugger Albert Pujols high and tight.

During his post-game press conference, Cardinals Manager, Tony LaRussa denied the hit on Braun was intentional. I knew LaRussa was lying, and I was not satisfied with his answer. The conversation became a bit heated.

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In his new book, One Last Strike, LaRussa recounts 50 years in baseball, including that warm August night in Milwaukee. Below is an excerpt from the book.

In the bottom half of the inning, we had Jason Motte hit Ryan Braun, the eventual MVP of the league. He did what we taught and hit Braun square in the back, thereby minimizing and chances of injury. Tempers flared, but I did what I had to do then, we went about it the right way, and I stand by that decision today.

Through the magic of radio, I had a chance to relive the moment with LaRussa Monday on Wisconsin's Morning News.

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