What Saints fans are saying after the loss


What Saints fans are saying after the loss

CREATED Oct. 1, 2012

Working on a short week after a bitter loss on Monday night in Seattle, the Green Bay Packers (2-2) were able to shake off the controversy and beat the Saints (0-4) last night, 28-27 at Lambeau Field.

Below are a list of comments pulled from the Times Picayune in New Orleans following the loss. As always, the comments have not been altered in any way.


0-16 will not surprise me. You cannot win games without any kind of defense....and we have none!

I predicted the Aints loss to a pretty crappy Green Bay squad. And honestly, that Chargers game isn't looking too good for the Aints either.

It might take awhile, this team is garbage. Its like watching someone take out a fine car and strip all the gears.

If we would have won we stole it from green bay we got the calls today. What is it going to take for for them figure out a this D is bad it can not get fix [EDITOR'S NOTE: ???]

The math is this: We have to win all twelve remaining games. We have neither the courage or drive to go in as a wild card team. Worse yet, we haven't got anyone on this team who cares enough to even get us close.

The refs easily kept us in these game, the sproles fumble, the colston push on the TD, the graham catch that touch the ground, missed holding calls on us, the no catch on Jordy nelson, i could go on forever. This defense is sad man

This was by far the BEST game we played yet, the Packers were the better team today.

Held GB to only 1 score the full 30 min. Gave the ball back to the offense with the lead twice and they only managed a field goal.

I have no doubt that Payton's presence would make a major difference, but the team's weaknesses on defense and the running game have nothing to do with Goodell.

This was by far the best the team has looked all year. Going into Green Bay, you know they could have mailed it in, but instead, there we were, at the end of the game with a chance to win.

Garrett Hartley may be younger, but, John Kasay is more accurate, a lot more consistent, may be older, but all around, a better, more well-rounded kicker. We should have let Hartley go, not Kasay.

Number of times we threw the ball on our own five: 3=punt
Number of times we threw the ball at the goal line: 3= field goal

Spagnuolo has revealed his major weakness. He may be a good coach given good talent, but he is an awful coach given poor talent.

What moron calls three pass plays on the two yard line!!!!!!

It's tough to win in Lambeau, but we came close, which counts in horseshoes.

We have to find someone that can rush the qb. Plain and simple. I wouldn't be opposed to seeing if we could get something of value in that department by trading Ingram.

News Flash....The Entire NFL and every other fan base knows the Saints Defense sucks. Only Who Dats with blinders on think otherwise.

The hard truth is that the defense just can NOT compete at this point. They can not make plays in this "react" scheme and they simply don't know the system.

Who dat gonna lose to dem Saints?