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What Seahawks fans are saying after the win


What Seahawks fans are saying after the win

CREATED Sep 25, 2012

The Green Bay Packers suffered a devastating 14-12 loss to the Seattle Seahawks Monday night on one of the most controversial plays in Packers history. Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson completed a desperation, 24-yard touchdown pass to Golden Tate as time expired to win it.

In reality, Wilson's pass was intercepted by the Packers MD Jennings, but officials determined that Tate had possession of the ball as he hit the ground. It was a terrible call and one that will be replayed more than a decades worth of Seinfeld re-runs.

Below are a host of comments lifted from the Seattle Post Intelligencer following the win. As always, I have chosen not to alter the comments in any way. I must say, Seahawks fans appear to be a rather level-headed bunch.


This what you get when officials are allowed to be Unionized. Thank the Unions for tonights poor officiating calls!

I am a Seahawks fan. We got lucky today. We should have lost the game.

A win is a win, there have been a bunch of bad calls in every game but there have always been bad game changing calls that change the outcome of the game. Just like the calls way back when we made the Super Bowl and we should have won that game.... Yep, take the good with the bad and move on.

well...if you gave 3 and took the Packers...not thrilled...the kind of refereeing that makes Olympic boxing seem legit...

I'm done watching the NFL until the locked out refs are back on the job.

Jennings had it. Plain and simple.

Remember that if GT had been called for pass interference, Seattle would have been able to re-run the play.

im a seahawks fan here on the west coast... or should i say i was. pete carroll arrogant smile, jumping for joy, tate's gloating in front of the camera... have some class and humility!!! you won because you got some lucky breaks and thats happens.

 just saw tate on espn say with a straight " i dont know what you're talking about" when asked if he pushed off on the last play. what a joke, i cant spend money on tickets and merchandise for trash like that anymore. DONE.

Yeah, that's a play that will be dissected about a million time in the next week, but what about all the other terrible calls in other games.

There is nothing inconclusive about that play it was an interception. The Hawks were lucky

So just about every sports expert (including former players and announcers) agree the refs were wrong. Even people on the Seahawks fans pages say it was wrong. Don't even try to spin it as anything but Seattle getting lucky on a bad call.

Keep in mind these refs are trying to do good job as best as they can under all the scrutiny and pressure. Even the official refs made frequent mistakes.

The packers won the game.