NFL Network and Time Warner Cable reach agreement


NFL Network and Time Warner Cable reach agreement

CREATED Sep 21, 2012

After years of negotiations and blame-game playing, the NFL Network and Time Warner Cable have reached an agreement according to Bloomberg News.

As the last pay-for-TV provider to hold out on succumbing to the demands of the NFL Network, It was only a matter of time before Time Warner Cable would be at a competitive disadvantage. That time has come. With the agreement, not only will subscribers be granted access to the NFL Network, they will also be granted access to the popular Red Zone channel (on the "game pass" sports tier).

There is some speculation as to when subscribers will be able to view the channels. Contract details are reportedly being worked out and could be finalized as early as Friday afternoon. In that instance, subscribers may be able to view the Red Zone channel as early as Sunday's week three slate of games, and the NFL Network immediately.

Over the past several years, the NFL Network broadcast Thursday night games on a weekly basis starting with the week of Thanksgiving. This season, however, the network has already hosted two Thursday night games, and will do so the remainder of the regular season.

Candidly, the NFL Network has come a long way since the days of Bryant Gumbel calling the play-by-play. They have an impressive roster of former players and talented hosts to carry their unique coverage.

Stay tuned for updates to this story. Everything seems to be hush-hush until the contract is signed. Once that happens, all the details will be out on the table.