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Replacement officials: The real story?


Replacement officials: The real story?

CREATED Sep 19, 2012

I've got to hand it to the Wall Street Journal for doing the digging on this (I started, but stopped after my head started spinning). The WSJ took a closer look at the work being done by the NFL's replacement officials compared to last season.

Their conclusion is that the replacement officials are not a total disaster, but they sure are slow in making decisions.

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After watching two weeks of play (and the entire pre-season), my contention is that watching replacement officials "work" is like watching a nurse perform surgery. They kind of know what they're doing, but not well enough to be trusted to complete the job day-in and day-out with a high degree of success.

What the WSJ fails to mention is the lack of control two officiating groups had in a pair of games in week 2. The Ravens, Eagles matchup and the Falcons, Broncos were slowed by dust-ups that were ultimately viewed as the officials not having control of the game.

While I don't doubt the replacement officials are doing their best to get things right, they are tarnish on the NFL badge. Roger Goodell preaches to players to "protect the badge" and uphold the integrity of the league. Now if he would only do the same thing.