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What Bears fans are saying after the loss


What Bears fans are saying after the loss

CREATED Sep 14, 2012

The Green Bay Packers improved to (1-1) on the season after a 23-10 win over the Chicago Bears Thursday night.

I spent some quality time this morning reading game associated articles in the Chicago Tribune's on-line edition. Most interesting to me were the comments typed in by the fans at the end of each article. Below is a sample of said comments. As always, I chose not to alter the verbiage, spelling, or punctuation in any way.



Cutler is who we thought he was...garbage

All week Cutler boldly challenged the Packers in the media., hopefully he learned a lesson. Shut your mouth and just do it on the field.

In terms of sheer agony, this game is right up there with the dark years before Payton and the Dave Wannestadt years. I wonder if is taken?

Considering the way they played in the opener this was one of the most disappointing games in recent memory. The totality of the ineptitude was shocking.

That was a tough one to watch as a die hard. Knew they were getting too cocky this week. Maybe next week, they'll shut-up a bit about how great they are and focus a bit.

Again Cutler will receive all the blame. When a QB is hurried, knocked down and sacked as much as he was nothing good will come of it. Webb deserved Jays wrath. that whole line blows. The ghost of Angelo will haunt this team for awhile.

Lovie is clueless.. ant make adjustments can't movtivate his team or devlope players or even acknoledge that he is just outcoached everytime he is on the field. Lovie you had the blue print to win against GB from last week or at least you should have just ran the ball eat the cloc and keep Roders off the field. He can't hurt yo if he is on the bench.. opps maybe I was wrong you let the field goal unit score a TD. Idiot

[Editor's note regarding the post above: ???]

Alot of bravado out of a team that had to use a gadget play to get a TD. We'll see what happens when the Quack comes to Soldiers

The Bears needs an GM like the Packers or Patroits who does his homework on scouting good players when draft time comes, players that will make an immediate impact. Fire Emery...

Anyone who blames this game on Cutler is a complete FOOL.

Nobody in the nfc north is doing anything for a few years with rodgers in GB. cutler, urlacher, briggs, and peppers are all on the "other" side of their careers…..not one of them will be around to see the packers become a normal team again.

Once more, Cutler folds in a big game. Must we continue to watch him preen after a glowing performance against inferior teams, while knowing that he will come up empty against a quality team. Get a QB and while you're out there, see if a real coach is avaliable.

I don't understand why the Bears didn't try ANY quick passes and quick screens, to try to keep the pass rush off balance. Cutler held the ball far too long and just had tunnel vision downfield. Bad gameplan, dreadful execution.