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VIDEO: Greg Jennings stars in Old Spice commercial


VIDEO: Greg Jennings stars in Old Spice commercial

CREATED Sep 4, 2012

I'm not sure who the creative marketing folks who work on the Old Spice brand are, but over the last few years they have successfully reached a much younger demographic with some of the strangest commercials I have ever seen...and I use the term "strange" in the most complimentary of ways.

In 2012, Old Spice continues to use the NFL as a backdrop for their advertisements. The latest features Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings. And, in keeping with recent tradition, it is very strange.

CLICK HERE to see the commercial.

Now CLICK HERE to see two versions of a Japanese commercial that registers significantly higher on the strange-meter. It has nothing to do with sports, Old Spice, or logic....and it's creepy.