MVP gets pie in the face in Packers locker room


MVP gets pie in the face in Packers locker room

CREATED Aug 27, 2012

The media contingent had formed a nicely shaped, two-deep perimeter around Aaron Rodgers' locker. The lights of the TV cameras were on full blast, and several hands holding microphones and sound recorders were all aimed at last years MVP. And then, a little over one minute into his Q & A, the unthinkable happened: Aaron Rodgers was blasted in the face with a shaving cream pie by fullback John Kuhn.

Here's the behind the scenes play-by-play:

Rodgers locker is the first one on the right as one enters the locker room. It's a corner locker. Graham Harrell and BJ Coleman are immediately to his right, and there is an open space hallway area to his left. That's where I was positioned - immediately to Rodgers' left with my rather broad shoulders blocking direct sight-lines. My back was to the hallway. About a minute in to Rodgers' media session, I heard a softly spoken "excuse me". As I turned my shoulders to allow whomever it was in, there was Kuhn, slightly crouched behind me with about a cans-worth of shaving cream on a towel. This was no small job.

In a quick flick of the wrist, Kuhn blindsided Rodgers on the left side of his face with the shaving cream. It was a direct hit on Rodgers and a little flopped on to my left hand.

The media in attendance laughed, and kept rolling tape. The players who witnessed the prank roared with laughter. Rodgers, though not overly joyful about the occurrence, had a smirk on his face as he brushed the shaving cream from his eyes. He knew it was a good prank.

"That's it," Rodgers said - so as to indicate that his media session was over.

"I'm gonna get him so bad," was the final phrase Rodgers muttered as he quickly moved away from his locker into the training room area - grabbing a towel from a laundry bin on his way.

This was a first for me. I've never seen the "shaving cream pie to the face" in a football locker room before. I may never see it again...but I'm fairly confident there will be playful retaliation against Kuhn.