12-year-old in Texas ruled too big to play football


12-year-old in Texas ruled too big to play football

CREATED Aug 20, 2012

Twelve-year-old Elijah Earnheart is an aspiring young football player in the football rich state of Texas. Earnheart is a lot like many 12-year-olds, he wants to play with his friends. But due to his size, Earnheart and his family have been told he will be unable to play at the 7th grade level. Earnheart is 6-feet tall, and 297 pounds.

This particular pee-wee league has a rule which prevents any player over 135 pounds from playing in the league, and Earnheart is not the first player to be barred due to his size. However, organizers have offered Earnheart the opportunity to play at the next level up. 

Fair or unfair?

The goal of any youth program is to perpetuate sportsmanship, and provide an outlet to better learn the game. Player safety rules are in place to protect the youngsters - including (in this situation) a player weight limit. I don't like the idea of a kid being sent home crying because he can't play with his friends, but the rules appear very clear in this situation, and the child has been provided another outlet to play.

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