Bruce Pearl to serve as college basketball analyst


Bruce Pearl to serve as college basketball analyst

CREATED Jul 30, 2012

We knew when he was the Head Coach at UW-Milwaukee that it was only a matter of time before Bruce Pearl ended up in the broadcast world. The candidly energetic and spontaneous Pearl is also personable, engaging, humorous and passionate.

ESPN announced today that Pearl has been hired as a college basketball analyst.

Pearl was fired at the University of Tennessee after violating NCAA recruiting rules. He worked last college basketball season as a commentator for SiriusXM Radio.

Love him or hate him, Pearl's spirit and passion revived a tepid basketball program at UWM, and Tennessee, and will certainly use his outspoken style to his benefit at ESPN. In my mind, he will excel and grow in this position. I would also not be surprised if staying "on the radar" helps him land another head coaching opportunity in the future.