Creepy, one-eyed Olympic mascots ready to take stage


Creepy, one-eyed Olympic mascots ready to take stage

CREATED Jul 23, 2012

Before we watch Michael Phelps swim to Olympic gold...before we watch Usain Bolt lace up the spikes for the 100 meter dash...before we watch the USA men's basketball team sweat it out against Argentina, the world will be introduced to Wenlock and Mandeville.

Wenlock and Mandeville are the latest in a line of creepy Olympic mascots designed by a creative agency who's coffee is waaay too strong. The one-eyed duo are the official mascots for the Olympic and Paralympic games in London.

Wenlock is named after an English town in Shropshire, while the name Mandeville pays tribute to a local hospital.

Whatever the case, they look more like surveillance robots than anything else, and I can't imagine how many kids (and adults) will be seriously creeped out by these disturbing creatures. What's amazing to me is that these faceless beings beat out nearly 100 other submissions by a variety of companies across the pond.

This is not the first year that Olympic mascots have made people wonder, "what were they thinking?" Somewhere around 1996, Olympic mascots took on an extremely bizarre persona. Ambiguous, sinister, and complicated replaced the gender-specific, friendly, and pleasant mascots of old. 

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