Double amputee, Pistorius, to compete in Olympics...in track and field


Double amputee, Pistorius, to compete in Olympics...in track and field

CREATED Jul 5, 2012

For the first time in Olympic history, an amputee will compete. Making matters more intriguing is the fact that the amputee, South African runner Oscar Pistorius, is a double amputee...competing as a sprinter.

The 25-year old Pistorius has fought for years to compete at the international level. Opponents have argued if the double amputee somehow has a competitive advantage despite the fact he has prosthetics from the knee down on both legs.

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As a former collegiate track and field athlete, I take no issue with the fact that Pistorius is able to compete internationally. What I do take issue with is the fact that his native country is allowing him to compete in the 400 meter dash despite the fact he failed to run an automatic qualifying time. Did he really earn the right to compete at the Olympics games? Based on his time in the 400 meter dash, I don't believe he did.

Pistorius will also compete in the 4x400 meter relay on a team that is among the best in the world. For that, I say "Bravo!" and wish him the best. He and his teammates EARNED the right to compete at the highest level given an outstanding performance.

Regardless, Pistorius' story is one of perseverance, over coming obstacles, and never letting go of a dream, but I can't help but feel there are other athletes who feel Pistorius was given preferential treatment as it pertains to his 400 meter performance. He didn't run the qualifying time, so why is he being allowed to compete as if he did?